Kristine Samson – Street Performance (Ingles)

KRISTINE SAMSON Ph.D., Is assistant professor at Performance Design, Roskilde University in Denmark.
Her research is on urbanity and performance – for instance how art and design in public engage people and how urban spaces is negotiated and transformed through art, performances and every day use. Her recent research is based on case studies in LAtin America under the title: The emergent city. he emergent city. here she looks into urban interventions, activism, DIY culture, performance and design. And how interventions may change the city and the public sense of space.

She has published several articles in English and Danish. Among others “Performative Urban Designs» in a volume on Engaging Spaces. Museum Tusculanum Press forthcoming 2013
“The Becoming of Urban Space. From Design Object to Design Process.” In Design Research. Eds. Simonsen et al. Routledge London, New York 2010. ”Performative Urban Strategies” In Performative Urban Design. Ed. Kiib, Hans. Aalborg University Press 2010. Aalborg, 2010.Furthermore she is the co-editor of Design Methods 2013 a forthcoming volume on design methodology and situated practices.

The presentation will be on street performance. It consist of case material from Copenhagen, the Distortion Festival and Metroplis, temporary occupation of the Highway Minhocao in Sao Paulo, participatory design tactics in the streets of Lapa, Rio. It will be framed within my research project The emergent city, where I look into urban interventions, activism, DIY culture, performance and design in public space.